Terms of Hire – St. Nicholas Church Barn

Instructions for use of the Barn

You can also download this info as a PDF file: Instructions for use of the Barn

In order to ensure that your event goes well, please take a moment to read the following helpful information and advice.


There is a single key for the Upper Room, but the main room is operated by a Key Pad lock.

The key or lock code will be given to you upon payment of the hire charge at least 7 days before your event.

Please ensure that you ensure that all fire doors are firmly closed, and the door is locked when you leave. Keys should be returned to the barn coordinator before the end of the day following your event.


Our insurance policy only provides public liability cover for church events. Please ensure that your home or business policy provides sufficient cover for your event, or take out additional cover as necessary, as St. Nicholas Church is unable to accept liability for events occurring during your hire.


There is a lock on the car park – the code will be given to you when you pay the hire charge. After you’ve set the code on the lock, you need to push the lock in so that it will pop out and open.

Please be aware that there may be other events taking place and car parking spaces may be limited. There is on-street parking available along St. Nicholas Lane, but please do park considerately to avoid blocking local resident access and upsetting our neighbours.

The road to the right of the car park is a private road for the residents of Warndon Court, but they very kindly allow drop off of heavy/bulky items, and drop off of visitors who are unable to walk from the car park. Please ensure that you are not blocking access to local residences and move your car to the car park as soon as items are unloaded.

Kitchen and Facilities:

The kitchen has a stable door with a flap, should you wish to use it as a serving hatch. There is a bolt at the top of the door should you wish to ensure that children do not enter the kitchen.

The kitchen is equipped with:

  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Hot water urn
  • Fridge
  • Kettle
  • Crockery (matching 1990’s style)
  • A variety of glasses & plastic cups
  • Mugs
  • Cutlery (various mismatched)
  • Jugs, tea pots, trays etc.

The Urn will take approx. 30 minutes to warm up – please be careful as outside can become hot. Please turn the Urn off when you leave, but leave the fridge and cooker main switches on.


Heating is from storage heaters. They are kept at a constant low level – please use the booster switches on the walls (clearly marked next to each heater) to increase the temperature in the room

PLEASE TURN THE SWITCHES OFF when you leave, to keep our heating costs to a minimum.

Store room:

There is a small store room on the left at the back of the hall which contains approx. 40 adult chairs.  The larger room to the right contains children’s chairs and tables.

Some of our regular hirers store their materials in these rooms, so please try not to disturb their equipment.

External Lights:

There is a floodlight that is operated by a motion sensor and will come on automatically as you approach. For regular hire, the lights are set on a timer to ensure that the path is lit when you arrive and leave – if this needs adjusting, please let us know.

The pathway lights are controlled by a round white pressure switch on the wall inside the Barn, to the left of the door as you enter. This also turns on the car park floodlight.


The Barn has 3 toilets – Male, Female and disabled. The Disabled toilet room also has a baby changing mat which can be folded against the wall if required.

Removal of Rubbish:

There is no waste collection from the Barn, so PLEASE TAKE ALL RUBBISH WITH YOU WHEN YOU LEAVE.


The hirer is responsible for leaving the Barn in the same condition as it was found. Cleaning materials are located in the small store room, or under the sink in the kitchen.

The wooden floor is not varnished, so must NOT be wet-mopped. Please sweep the floor with the broom, and treat with the wooden floor liquid from the small store room if necessary.


There is a First Aid kit in the kitchen, in the event of minor injuries.

The nearest A&E department is located approximately 1.5 miles away at Worcester Royal Hospital, Charles Hastings Way, WR5 1DD

There is no landline in the Barn or at the church, but there is reasonably good mobile phone reception should it be necessary to dial 999 for an ambulance.


Fire extinguishers are located on the wall, and are serviced at regular intervals. Please take time upon arrival to familiarise yourself with the layout of the Barn, and the operation of the fire extinguishers. There are 2 fire doors which push open from the inside – they are not alarmed, so please check that they are still firmly closed when you leave.

Should a fire break out, there is a call point located in the entrance of the Barn that will alert the fire brigade. Alternatively, please call 999.

When everyone is safely out of the building, please notify Julie Fantom, Barn co-ordinator on 07545 823542.